5 reasons to visit Sant Julia de Loria

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Thanks to its location and its low elevation, Sant Julia de Loria is the perfect place to disconnect and enjoy a few days with family and / or friends. Being below 1000 meters of altitude, the climate in this parish is more temperate and the winters less harsh than in the rest of the towns.

So get ready because we are going to give you 5 reasons, of the many more that there are, to visit Sant Julia de Loria and explore an area that, if you don’t know yet, you have to include in your list of places to visit.


  1. Places of interest
    During your visit to Sant Julia de Loria , we recommend that you walk through its streets, visit the Els Coms fountain, the Plaza Francesc Cairato that of Calonge. As for religious buildings, in Sant Julia de Loria you can visit the Church of Juliá and Sant Germá.

During your stay, visit other neighboring towns. Towns of Juberri, Aixirivall or Rabassa, are 3 of the most charming towns in the surroundings. In them you can visit the Church of Aubinya, the gardens of Juberri, the forest of Rabassa or the beautiful viewpoint of Coll de la Plana.


  1. Activities for the whole family
    The Pyrenees offer a wide variety of activities for the whole family. Activities such as skiing, Btt , canyoning, mountain routes, climbing, and our favorite is the descent on the Tobotronc.
    Although if what you are looking for are walking routes around Sant Julia de Loria, you are in luck because there are 5 routes of different difficulties. We will start with the two simplest and suitable for the whole family. These are the route of the Church of Sant Sermi de Nagol and that of the Tomb Lauredia Corto. Both are shorter than 4 km, for those looking for routes with greater difficulties, you can enjoy the 8 km Middle Tomb Lauredia route or the long section in its 15 km version. Finally, the hardest route. 20 km linking Aixovall with the Claror Refuge.


  1. Gastronomy
    Andorran gastronomy has great Spanish and French influence. During your stay in Sant Julia de Loria you cannot miss the typical dishes. The most typical are the mountain trinxat, made from potatoes, cabbage, bacon and garlic; escudella, based on vegetables and pork that is prepared for the festivities of Sant Antoni and Christmas. Other game dishes are the vicet of hare or wild boar.
    For the sweetest palates, stick your teeth in a mashed coca, Andorran cream, dried apricots or a good fresh cheese made in a traditional way from the areas of Andorra and Aran.


  1. Support for local commerce
    Due to the current situation that we are going through, it is vital that we support small businesses. For that we want to recommend that you sit in the bars of a lifetime, stay in family hotels and visit establishments that make a living from tourism.

Another tip we have for you is to share your experiences both with your friends and on social networks or platforms such as TripAdvisor. With all these shared experiences, surely there are many users who will visit the same places as you thanks to the shared comments.
Finally, the next tip is to make reservations. By performing them, you help the establishment to manage its resources in a better way and that customers reduce waiting time. Establishments such as bars, restaurants, adventure activities or even parking lots are open in the reservation system. If the latter is your case, do not hesitate to compare and reserve your parking space at Valencia airport , Alicante or whatever your departure airport is. For this, nothing better than doing it in Vuelapar. They help you save time and money in the reservation process.


  1. Celebrations
    To close with the 5 reasons to visit Sant Julia de Loria, from Hotel Folch , we recommend that you visit us during some of its festivities. In this way you can get closer to the history and cultures of our parish.

If, then, you want to enjoy our patron saint festivities, do not hesitate to organize your getaway for the last week of July. Sant Julia de Loria dresses up and prepares cultural activities, shows and activities for the whole family.

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