Sant Julià de Lòria – Andorra

Sant Julià de Lòria is the parish of culture. The vall del Madriu Perafita-Claror, part of which lies within the parish boundaries, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004. The parish is also home to the central campus of the University of Andorra, the Tobacco museum, and the Centre cultural i de congressos Lauredià, which hosts a huge range of events all through the year. At warm times of year, the parish streets are the setting for live performances and music, and various venues host a year round programme of fairs and conferences on different topics, such as the outlet fair and the Medieval town. The parish is also well known for being a venue for international sporting events, and several editions of the World Trial Championships, the Volta a Catalunya and a stage in the Spanish Vuelta Ciclista have been held here.


Romanesque architecture has also left its mark on various places in the parish, with churches and magnificent buildings dating from this period in history, including the church of Sant Cerni de Nagol, and many others.

Guided tours

The Commune’s Tourism Department also offers a series of guided tours visiting the most famous places in the parish, such as the old quarter and the Mare de Déu de Canòlich Sanctuary.. This is all complemented by a number of hotels, shops and a very attractive choice of restaurants.

Tour of Laurèdia:

A walk round the centre of social and cultural life in Sant Julià de Lòria, a town also known by the name of Laurèdia. Its inhabitants are known as Lauredians. See the architecture that illustrates how the town has evolved from the 12th century through to modern times.


Duration: 2h. 45min.


· Normal rate with the Tobacco Museum= 5,00€
· Reduced rate with the Tobacco Museum= 3,50€
· Normal rate without the Tobacco Museum= 2,00€
· Reduced rate without the Tobacco Museum= 1,00€


Visits can be tailored to suit requirements


a space for the soul: It is hardly surprising that the chapels most venerated by local villagers are set in the most remote and spectacular mountain locations.
Its difficult access route protected Canòlich for centuries and made pilgrims prove their devotion by tackling the hard climb from the village.


Nowadays, the good state of the old path enables it to be climbed on foot, but you can also see the chapel and its spectacular views over the valley by driving up to it on the road or by 4×4 from Fontaneda.


Duration: 45 min.

Price: Free

Visits can be tailored to suit requirements

Humans tame the elements

Humans tame the elements and matter not only to ensure their survival but also as a way of expressing themselves.


Sant Julià de Lòria, a small mountain village, has for centuries taken advantage of the valley’s abundant water supply to make links between its religious, social and domestic life.


Alongside water, stone and metal also speak of their subordination to humans, always in need of useful recipients, always in need of the expression provided by sculpture.


Duration: 2h.


· Normal rate= 2,00€
· Reduced rate= 1,00€


Visits can be tailored to suit requirements.

Sant Cerni de Nagol church:

art inside, freedom around it: Where valleys meet, where the sun shines freely without the walls imposed by the mountains, you can discover one of the prettiest Romanesque churches in the Pyrenees.

Since 1055, Sant Cerni de Nagol has seemed to hover over Sant Julià de Lòria in a location that you will always remember for its beauty and peace.
Inside, the first outlines of the Romanesque in Andorra are preserved and are amazing for their religious, primitive and eloquent narrative.


Duration: 30 min.


Price: free


· With your own vehicle
· On foot


Visits can be tailored to suit requirements.


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